Stained Glass

Images on this page are created to simulate the design of a stained glass window. Each painting is 5"x7" on watercolor card stock.

Day Lilies in 'Stained Glass'

Pink day lilies open against a blue-green background

Dragonfly and Waterlilies

Summer activity on the waterlily pond.

Day Lilies in Stained Glass

Pink summer day lily

Irises in Stained Glass

Light filled irises in the morning sun.

Summer Pansies in Stained Glass

Fiery-colored pansy faces seek the summer sunlight.

Stained Glass Sweet Peas

Bright pink blossoms reach for the summer sun.

Dragonfly & Water Lilies In Stained Glass 2

Summer's elegant insect flits above the water lilies.

Poppies in Stained Glass

Spring poppies captured in glass.
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