It's been a long, long year!

Fall has come 'round again. It has been a very busy year. Due to double knee replacement surgery I have cut back considerably on the art show circuit. I'm on the road back now and am thankful that's all behind me. I've been focusing on re-organizing my studio and photographing many new flowers native to this beautiful area. I have begun a series of these plants and will continue as we move into winter. Of course. winter here is the perfect time for painting 'en plein air'...bright sun, no humidity, moderate temperatures and very few bugs.

I recently became a member of The Alliance for the Arts here in southwest Florida. It is a very comprehensive organization focused on all of the arts. They offer many workshops and events for all ages. I have been asked to think about teaching a watercolor class for either children or adults. I'll think about it...not sure if that is what I want to do right now. But it is exciting to be asked.

This month I've added two new series of paintings to my website. One focuses on images of flowers simulated to resemble a stained glass window. The second is a series of Christmas flowers to which I will be adding one new image each Christmas season. Enjoy the new paintings!